Schönried in the Gstaad region

Schönried is a charming village in the picturesque region of Gstaad in the heart of the heart of the Swiss Alps, this is where our Hotel Kernen is located. This idyllic village lies on a sun-drenched plateau and offers breathtaking offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountain landscape. Nestled between majestic peaks and green valleys, Schönried radiates an incomparable Schönried radiates an incomparable natural beauty.
  The village is characterized by its charming alpine character, with traditional wooden houses, well-tended flower gardens and cosy chalets. The architecture reflects the typical Swiss way of building and gives Schönried a rustic yet elegant charm. The streets are lined with small stores where visitors can discover handmade souvenirs, local products and exclusive Alpine fashion.
Schönried offers numerous activities for nature lovers and sports enthusiasts all year round. In summer, well-marked hiking trails and mountain bike routes attract adventurers to the surrounding mountains. The region is also known for its first-class golf courses, where golf enthusiasts can combine a challenge with breathtaking scenery.  
  In the winter months, Schönried transforms into a paradise for winter sports enthusiasts. The Gstaad ski area, to which Schönried belongs, offers perfectly groomed slopes for skiers and snowboarders of all levels. The charming mountain huts invite you to linger and enjoy the regional specialties.
In the evening, Schönried invites you to take a relaxing walk. The local restaurants spoil their guests with culinary delights inspired by regional products. After an eventful day, visitors can round off the day with a glass of wine or a traditional Swiss cheese fondue in the cozy bars and cafés.  
  Schönried in the Gstaad region harmoniously combines alpine beauty, tradition and modernity. Whether in summer or winter, this charming village offers an unforgettable backdrop for a relaxing yet active vacation in the heart of the impressive Swiss Alps.